Project management

Have a project in mind?

If you have a project in mind, but a lack of time or knowledge on how to manage it – our project managers can let you focus entirely on your core business. We ensure you a safe partner and a smooth delivery, from first design to final closure. Let’s dig deep in your next project together!

A smooth delivery

We believe that a successful project is the result of a strong partnerships and a good communication. From start to finish, we provide regular updates and effective communication to ensure that every project is executed smoothly. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our partners by delivering projects that hopefully will exceed your expectations.

To us, communication is the key to a successful project, and we always make sure to provide regular updates while managing a project. We work closely with every partner to understand your needs and goals and we customize every project plan so it will align with your business objectives.

Our teams consist of experienced and passionate people, who are trained in the latest professional project management techniques.

Project planning

Our project planning process is designed to ensure that projects are delivered as promised. Every project starts off with a comprehensive assessment of the requirements – from timeline to budget. Together with our partners, we then develop a detailed plan that outlines the tasks and responsibilities for completion.
When planning a project, we also make a risk assessment to identify challenges that could affect the project management. Throughout the project, we provide regular updates and communicate effectively with our partners to ensure them that their projects are on good hands.

Your commitment. Our focus

Our project managers enable you to focus on your core business. As a project management company we are dedicated to ensure successful projects to our partners. We combine our technical expertise with our project management experience to ensure that every project is delivered on time, within budget and quality standards.

We believe that a successful project is the result of a strong partnerships and a good communication.

Follow up communication

We want our partners to feel informed and up to date in their ongoing projects, and we make sure to keep a good communication and follow-up. By keeping our partners informed, we enable them to focus on what matters most to them.

Risk management

Infrateq Group’s focus is to always manage the risks associated with the design and deployment of your project, using strong reporting mechanisms to be sure that any risks are highlighted and communicated early enough for action to be taken and to avoid rework and additional costs.  Our clients and partners benefit from these risk management processes in all of the projects that we manage, deploy and commission.   

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