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An open line communication regarding good and bad news, As long as the costumer is aware and we are honest. It is usually a great outcome in the end, and everyone is happy.

What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when managing a project?

When managing a project, I believe in an early established communication with the customer. It is important to have good tools in hand, to not lose track when you have many projects going on at the same time.


What are your biggest motivations as a Project Manager at Infrateq?

My motivation is to make my customers happy, by making sure the project has a good flow and that everything is delivered in time and within budget. I always strive to deliver a professional mindset and work ethic.

Describe your dream project!

I believe I am currently working on my dream project. I have a big installation in Denmark where I work closely with our Pre-sale department. In regards of the customer there are a lot of different vendors, persons in regards of working cross borders. This is a group effort from the whole Nordics, and its fun to always must work to deliver in time. In this project there is no room for “break”.

What is the key to a successful project leadership?

I believe the key is to always have an open communication with customers, sub-contractors, and partners. At Infrateq Group we are working as a team that makes all departments reachable. And that brings success.


What are your challenges as a Project Manager?

The global lead time on hardware deliveries are definitely the biggest challenge. It means that most of the time, the first customer contact is to deliver news that get them disappointed in regards of installation of the new hardware they have bought.


How can you make sure to meet your customers’ expectations?

By having an open communication throughout the project – regarding good and bad news. If the customer is aware and we are honest, it is usually a great outcome in the end – and everyone is happy!


What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Infrateq is always looking for new ways to work and partnerships, It is very exciting to be apart of the growth of this firm. And see what new great products we can deliver.

Thanks Bjørnar

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