Projects are rarely the same, but by following the same steps in a process it is easier to keep track of everything

Hey there, Live! Can you share your secret to consistently steering projects to success?

Absolutely. While every project has its unique twists, sticking to a consistent process makes it much easier to stay on top of things. Communication is key here – it's essential for both internal teamwork and keeping clients and subcontractors in the loop.

Great! Now, tell us how you foster teamwork among your team members to ensure projects run smoothly.

Teamwork is all about sharing information early and keeping those lines of communication wide open. It's better to pick up the phone and ask a question than to sit there scratching your head!

Flexibility is a must in project management. How do you stay adaptable for long-term success?

Flexibility is the name of the game. You've got to be quick on your feet in the world of projects, ready to adapt to changes. Problem-solving and quick thinking, whether it comes naturally or through experience, are key.

Infrateq stands out in project management. How do you contribute to the brand's reputation?

At Infrateq, we shine in project management because we're committed to delivering results on time and within budget. We're big on clear communication and teamwork. Personally, I lead my team effectively, stay organized, and aim for excellence. That helps build our reputation for reliability and success.

Can you give us an example of how Infrateq uses systems or methodologies in its projects?

Sure thing! At Infrateq, we've implemented a robust project management system that acts as a central hub for all project-related info. It allows everyone involved – team members, clients, and management – to get real-time updates on a project's status. It's a handy tool that keeps tasks, timelines, milestones, and progress in one place.

Now, what's your dream project like?

In my dream project, everything runs like clockwork, and no unexpected challenges pop up. But let's face it; that's not very realistic. Instead of a specific dream project, I aim to find a universal formula that can adapt to any project, regardless of its size.

Thanks for sharing your insights on project management, Live!

Live Rotnes.

Junior Project Manager

Live Rotnes

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