This week we got the chance to ask a few questions to Paul Molloy about project procurement, to highlight the importance of looking at the entire project cost and not just the price for individual parts when initiating a project.

– Hello Paul! Can you tell us about which key parts of procurement to look at when first when initiating a project?

– The key parts when our Project Teams initiate a project is the scope. The scope drives the costs and delivery to achieve the quality.

– What is the most effective way to keep the cost of a project down?

– The most effective way to keep a project cost down starts in the foundations of the project, getting the key parts correct prior to the start of a project. Allocating the correct resources for the specific customer, looking for the most efficient way to spend less time on site, and more focused time while on site. Infrateq also use a number of tools such as Smartsheet and Power apps to stream-line the efficiency of the project.

– How important is it to try to keep down each price per "part" of a project?

– Keeping the price down for each part of a project is key. We need to keep a balance of one part against another to provide the consistency in the budget.

– Are there any specific products/parts that are easier vs more difficult to adapt in terms of price, such as hardware/software in a project?

– Currently there is a global shortage on many of the key hardware components that we use for our projects, and this has created a challenge for our Project Management team. We work very closely with our key global hardware partners and distributors to try and adapt and retain their price level or improve them for our customers. We are very fortunate within Infrateq that we have invested in our Project Management and communication tools to allow us to adapt to each project’s requirements.