Gear up for the future and give your guests a great stay!

Every guest staying at a hotel requires a high bandwith for their technical devices – both private and professional. By using EOC by Triax, this can be ensured.

EOC solution is:

  • cost efficient and eco-friendly since it allows us to reuse your existing coax and CAT

  • fast and has less buffering online

  • less installation distribution since it is done in minutes/room

  • future proof investment since it's built to ensure future upgrades

  • fully intregrated with Hoist Fusion TV, Cast to TV and WiFi Service**

For only 329 EUR/month* you will get the EOC solution including required hardware, site survey with documentation (can be re-used for future investments), installation, configuration, and project management.

The EOC solution is available off-shelf today! For further information, please reach out to our partner Hoist Group:

Sweden Email

Norway Email

Denmark Email

Finland Email

UK | IRL | Belgium | Netherlands Email

Italy | Portugal | Spain Email

France Email

Dubai | UAE Email

Germany | Austria | Switzerland Email

* Based on 60 rooms, 60 months contract. Price may vary per region and is subject to credit status.
** Optional, not included in the 329 EUR