ISO is an international independent and non-governmental organization that brings together experts in different areas, in order to set up and maintain international standards that cover a wide range of activities. The ISO certification marks that a company have integrated and is following the regulations within the specified standard or standards. Infrateq is currently going through an ISO certification process within Quality Management and Information Security Management standards. We asked Magnus Stockhaus about the ISO certification and in what way it will strengthen Infrateq as project management company.

- Hi Magnus! Can you tell us in what way the ISO certification will strengthen Infrateq as project management company?

- The ISO certification is the framework that ensures high and consistent quality in all Infrateq processes and deliverables, internal as well as external. It helps us improve and maintain a high quality service and consistency of our operations and it improves our efficiency. Standardizing our processes and workflows according to ISO is a quality assurance for our clients and partners that we deliver in time and in accordance with, or even exceeding, their expectations.


- How will this certification strengthen Infrateq’s offering and possibility to deliver project in a higher pace and expanded territory?

An ISO certification specifies and clarifies the internal processes and helps to minimize hesitations, misunderstandings and lack of information on how to run our daily business in all levels of the company. In the long run this creates a safer and more positive work environment for all employees, knowing what to do, when and how, and this in turn leads to consistent high quality deliveries and happy customers.

- We look forward to look into more ISO-certifications in order to grow and strengthen our quality and deliveries in all projects and to enable more of our partners opportunities!