Man with coffee cup watching TV. Man med kaffekopp ser på TV.

EzyStream allows you to watch TV over internet and offer a modern TV experience

Our solution delivers TV channels over internet to all your screens, you don't need hardware such as main switchboards and satellite dishes.

It is a scalable solution that works with your existing infrastructure.

Older people watching TV. Äldre personer som ser på tv.

Some of the benefits of
TV over internet:

  • Cost-effective - Installation and maintenance costs are lower than traditional hardware-based solutions.

  • Fast installation - By utilizing the existing network, installation is very fast and you can start offering better entertainment right away.

  • Reliable - The most important thing is delivery and with this solution we can offer uninterrupted service delivery.

  • Scalability - Our solution can be scaled up or down quickly based on changing needs.

  • Flexibility - We can easily configure the solution and add channels as needed in no time.

Experience the difference with hassle-free TV
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Are you looking for a reliable TV distribution solution for your business?

Then TV over internet is the perfect choice!

We offer complete solutions where our project managers take care of everything from installation and purchasing to technical planning. You are constantly updated on the process while we revolutionize your TV distribution.

Leave everything to us and let us help you all the way to the finish line.

Happy people watching sport and cheering. Glada personer som tittar på sport och jublar.

We have the right channels for you

We want to make it easy for you to offer your guests, customers or staff a great TV experience. That's why we help you from start to finish with viewing rights and guide you through the offering to create a channel package designed for your business.

Contact us for an overview of the solution and how it will help you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is TV over internet and how does it work?
It is a modern TV technology that enables the distribution of TV channels over the internet instead of traditional cable or satellite systems. By using the internet infrastructure, you can easily watch TV programs and channels on your devices.

How do I know that this solution would work for my business?
Our solution is flexible and adaptable to different industries and businesses. Whether you run a restaurant, an office, a hotel, a retirement home or any other type of business, EzyStream can offer you a cost-effective and reliable TV experience that can be adapted to your needs. A modern streaming service.

What are the advantages of using TV over the internet compared to traditional methods?
With this solution, you get a flexible and scalable solution that uses the existing network. It avoids problems such as frequency changes as no satellite dish or antenna is needed and provides a more reliable TV experience. It is also a more cost-effective solution.

What does it cost?
That's the best thing about this solution. Compared to traditional TV solutions that often involve a large investment in both complicated installation and hardware, TV over internet is instead a service that quickly gives you a modern TV experience with a fixed monthly cost. In addition, there is no investment beyond the fixed installation cost.

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