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Treat your guests to world-class entertainment!

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Whether you are a large company, restaurant, hotel or local authority, we have the right skills and experience to help you. We want you to be able to easily offer your guests, customers or staff a really good TV experience. Therefore, we help you from start to finish with licenses and viewing rights and guide you in the supply to develop a channel package designed for your business.

How do you want to show TV?

A convenient service for businesses that want to ensure a hassle-free and upgraded TV experience.

Through TV as a service we offer a comprehensive package of TV screen, wall mount, basic TV channels, TV portal, TV technology, installation, project management, service and insurance, all summed up in one monthly fee.

Best of all, all the hassle of maintenance and updates is a thing of the past, it's included!

One fixed monthly fee, no unexpected costs.

With EzyStream, you get TV over internet and can offer a modern TV experience.

Our solution TV over internet delivers TV channels over the internet to all your screens, you don't need hardware like main switchboards and satellite dishes.

It's a scalable solution that works with your existing infrastructure.

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EzyTV - world-class entertainment

Streaming has never been easier. With our EzyTV solution, you get a streaming box that allows you to seamlessly stream TV in your business, whether it is in hotels, restaurants, the public sector or offices. We ensure that you can offer your guests the entertainment they want to see - in the easiest way possible.

You choose between TV, movies, sports and other media - all on the same device. All you need to get started is to plug in the box, connect to the internet and start streaming.

Give your customers and employees the best TV experience and get started with EzyTV today.

We help you make the right choice!

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What does public viewing mean?

Public viewing is an umbrella term for all TV viewing that does not take place in private homes, i.e. when you show TV in public places, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, offices, gyms, nursing homes, hospitals and institutions. This applies regardless of whether it is sports, news or movies.

Common to all public viewing is that a license is required to have the right to show the channels.

It is the broadcasters who control their rights, and the license needed depends on which category your company belongs to.

Viewing without a license is an infringement of copyright law.

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