Nordic Content Provider

An exclusive nordic content provider

We have a flexible solution for you to be able to watch TV. 

Channel provider

We have extensive experience with viewing rights and cooperate with the largest TV companies and distributors for the nordic markets. In addition to being more than happy to guide you when it comes to the right license, we can also help you with the right channel range for your business. In addition, we have the expertise to help you with the technical part. 

No matter what solution you have today, satellite dish, cable or broadband, it's no problem for us. We have a flexible solution for you to be able to watch TV. 

Public viewing

Public viewing is a collective name for all television viewing that does not take place in a private residence, i.e. when you show television in a public environment, hotel, restaurant or office. This applies regardless of whether it is sports, news or film. Common to all public viewing is that permission is required. 

We help you and your company with the right license and advise on the best solution for you, as well as find the channel range that suits you. In addition, we keep you updated on operating information as well as current information and news.