What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when managing a project?

To remain calm and collective when the unexpected happens. With rising cost pressures, supply chain sourcing delays and labour shortages, you must be agile and capable of managing projects in unpredictable environments. Honest and clear communication with all stakeholders is key to success in this climate, having the difficult conversations early with a cool head has been very important for me.


What are your biggest motivations as a Project Manager at Infrateq?

To be a core component in building trust and confidence with customers and ultimately establishing Infrateq as a leader in its field.


Describe your dream project!

Tough one, now that it’s cold and dark, maybe a five-star hotel in the Maldives that needs their PM onsite for the whole deployment, haha. Jokes aside, I think my favorite type of projects are high profile installations where I get to handpick my team and ultimately exceed the customers’ expectations.


What is the key to a successful project leadership?

To be able to find the right people that can make the project successful, navigate different personalities, ensure you’re into the detail, and when necessary, not scared to push back to both customers and colleagues. Good communication and a close eye on your budget throughout.


What are your challenges as a PM?

Sometimes your first interaction with your customer is to disappoint them. Projects often come in with very tight timelines and due to hardware availability constraints and rising costs, it can be challenging to meet the customers’ expectations, as what was agreed during the sales phase might not be in line with the current reality.


How can you make sure to live up to the customers expectations?

Transparency and clear communication are the keys. I find that customers will appreciate you, as long as you’re honest and upfront with them, even if you don’t always deliver good news.

Thank you Hanna!