This week, we got the opportunity to talk to Sander Oversier, project manager at Infrateq Europe

Hello Sander! Can you tell us about the project you have been managing at Courtyard by Marriott in Brussels? What was your mission?

Our mission was to upgrade the current Marriott Chromecast solution to a full interactive solution with Cast to TV over an existing network to enable the hotel to provide their guests with a best-in-class solution. Their guests are now able to cast their own content to the room TV and the hotel can share hotel information via their TV.

What was the best part of this project?

As always the best part is to see the solution live when it’s all up and running.


Were there any unexpected obstacles during the process?

Yes, as the WIFI network and switches were supplied by Acentic TV, we had to work together with the support team to get the complete network correctly setup.

What can the hotel offer their guests thanks to this project?

To provide their guests with updated hotel information at the convenience of their room and to be able to enjoy entertainment from their own device casted to the Room TV.

How many were involved in this project from your side? And did it run smoothly?

Well, we are many involved from start to finish to make sure that the project indeed runs smoothly.
But on site during the installation itself we were about 2 deployment managers.
We are excited to say that it almost always runs smoothly.


You mentioned that there are more than you and your team, who else is involved?

We have a team that makes sure that the solution is validated from start, we have project leaders to be the central point of the project, we have a purchasing team to source and deliver the hardware, and then we have finance who ties all the financial bits at the end.