Accor Novotel Munster. ¨

This week, we got the opportunity to talk to Antonio Socorro - Project Manager at Infrateq Europe – and ask him a few questions about the latest project he’s been managing, at Novotel Ibis Münster City in Germany.

Hi Antonio! Can you tell us about the project you have been managing at Novotel Ibis Münster City in Germany?

 – Novotel and Ibis are brands within the Accor Group with an extended number of hotels in 65 countries. It features 240 rooms split between Ibis and Novotel as part of the current dual property type of hotel, especially in cities such as Münster. The offering of this hotel goes from restaurant to bar and meeting rooms on top of pets friendly and transportation services. In addition to that, they offer digital services offered by Hoist Group and deployed by Infrateq, such as HSIA, TV and Casting services.

Infrateq engaged in this project to deliver a complete package from design to delivery for Network, Wi-Fi and Guest In-Room Entertainment solutions, including casting services. All this endeavor ensured that we manage to meet the dates for the go-live of this hotel with the highest standards of Accor to satisfy the needs of the two Accor brands, the hotels and ultimately their guest on both properties.

Did the project live up to your expectations?

 – These two hotels were one of the very first projects managed end to end by InfraTeq and this proved to be a fantastic learning curve project with a dual property type of setup in the Accor brand. Despite the attention from Accor corporate team due to the opening dates, we delivered the solution on time, within budget, in scope and with outstanding quality on our deliverables.

Were there any unexpected obstacles during the process?

 – The current chip shortage was most probably the biggest challenge we ever faced in this project. However, we overcame the situation by raising it with the manufacturers to ensure they understand the hotel opening can’t be jeopardized or failing on the agreed original opening dates set by the brand to start operating the hotel.

– This project required us to go the extra mile regarding the planning activities according to hardware availability. We were required to adjust the progress of the deployment and shuffle tasks appropriately to complete them on time.

In what ways do you think the guests of Novotel Ibis will benefit from this project?

 – The guests will benefit from the superior quality of Wi-Fi offered throughout the hotel and a seamless connectivity experience in the two hotels. Top quality in-room entertainment added value with TV systems that include BYOD allowing the guests to Cast to the TV their own programs, shows, sports or others while they can continue to use other devices for other duties to keep split the entertainment with the business or both at the same time.

About Novotel Ibis Münster City

The hotel offers 240 rooms, suites, and accommodations, each with comfortable and sleek modern interiors. A pampering program for the whole family awaits you at the Novotel Münster City. Not far from Münster's most beautiful sights, you will stay in stylish rooms with smart TV, coffee/tea station and free WiFi. As a modern conference hotel near the train station, this hotel in Münster's city center is ideally suited for business stays.

Infrateq is proud to have been partnering Accor at this beautifully designed and fully business-equipped hotel. We look forward to managing more of your future projects!