Hello Magnus! Can you tell us about the most important thing to keep in mind when managing a project? 

– I think the most important thing is communication. Deliveries can be delayed, technical challenges can arise during an installation and other external circumstances can affect, but almost everything can be handled as long as you have clear, direct and straightforward communication with all stakeholders in the project.

What are your motivations as a Project Manager at Infrateq Nordics? 

– It is partly my ambition to value all projects regardless of size with the same high priority, partly to see how we can maximize and develop the benefit of the project tools and processes we use. Thereby, we can always carry out deliveries that meet and exceed our partners expectations.

Describe your dream project! 

– I like to run large projects, both in terms of length and scope, such as rollouts. That type of project often requires more advanced preparation and planning. As a project manager you also get close to other project participants and stakeholders and can build relationships over a longer period of time. 

What is the key to a successful project leadership?

– Once again I would say communication and information sharing as the primary key. I am also a big fan of processes and believe that well defined and communicated processes are to the highest degree of a success factor. 


What do you consider to be the biggest challenge with your work?

-Recently, one of the biggest challenges has been the global shortage of components, which has greatly affected lead times and in many cases caused delays in our installations and projects.

Thank you Magnus!